A Condo Development We Have Been Waiting for

My husband and I had plans to move to the East Coast for a while now. The only thing holding us back was finding the right place to live. We have both settled too much in the past, and we refused to do that anymore. The place where we are living right now is nice anyway, so we have no reason to move until we find exactly what we want. A couple of months ago, I started hearing about Seaside Residences, which is located on the water of the East Coast.

I immediately started looking at information there, and I am impressed to say the least. It is going to be launched in April of this year, and I knew that this was the place that we have been waiting for. First off, we are definitely not settling to live in a development such as Seaside Residences. This is a luxury development that is designed to give people a combination of privacy and every amenity that could be wanted. When I showed it to my husband, he really liked the location of it too. He can work from anywhere, as he mostly travels for his work.

He mainly wanted a place where I would be happy when he was away on business, and where he would be happy when he was taking a week long break from traveling. This location definitely fits the bill for both of us. Anything we could want is located right there, and it is close to the transit stations too. I am so excited about moving there, and I cannot wait until they have it ready for people like me. I already have our names on the list, and we are being updated on a regular basis. This is finally what we have both been waiting for.