A Furniture Project Come to Life

My new rotabroach drill bits have been able to cut through a variety of things without having an impact on my drill. My wife doesn’t like it when I get new tools, because I always use it as a chance to build something new. She prefers not to hear the sound of motorized tools and the sounds of sanding and cutting. My latest project is a recliner. I could have easily bought a recliner from the local furniture store, but that wouldn’t have been nearly as fun as making my own. I made the frame for it out of metal and wood, and used leather and cushion for the seating.

I had to figure out how to make the recliner actually do any reclining. The mechanism for leaning the chair back using a lever is something that is easy when you really think about it, but from the perspective of someone who knows nothing about how a recliner works, it can be a little confusing. I thought about finding an old recliner and dissecting it to have a look at the mechanism, but that would have defeated the purpose of learning about the mechanism.

I sketched some ideas on pencil and paper to get an idea of how the mechanism for the recliner should work. I figured out how to make it work by using a large tension spring attached to the lever. The spring is compressed when the chair is in its normal setting, and when the chair reclines, the spring is released. Once I made the mechanism, it was only a simple task of cutting the pieces for the rest of the chair and assembling them. Putting the leather and padding on the chair was a satisfying experience, and it felt like I was breathing life into the chair.