Great Ways to Look Chic

I am the type of woman that likes to make sure that I look chic. I like to make sure that my style is timeless and classic. I do not have unlimited funds to support my fashion and style, so I have to count on buying pieces that are well made, of good quality, and things that I can wear year after year. I like to buy things like boho bags and other types of bags that will never go out of style. I like to buy leather and vinyl bags because I know that they will last. There are a lot of times when I want to look for a bag in my closet and I have a hard time choosing from which one to wear because I have so many.

I wish I had someone to guide me as to what pieces to buy, but I cannot afford a stylist so I go to the current fashion magazines and depend on them to tell me whether or not a piece is good. I find that most of the magazines that I buy are really good at helping me save money, because they will tell me when there is a sale at a certain store and I am sure to buy things that the stores with the good sales.

I try to let people know that there are great ways to look good for less and that there are not a lot of pieces that you cannot dress up or down with accessories, so a few simple pieces can last you a long time and go a long way if you know exactly how to accessorize them, which I think is one of the best ways to look chic; simple clothing and a lot of accessories have been my go to.