I Needed to Move and Get Away from Where I Lived Before

When all of my family members died, and I became the only person left in my family, I decided I wanted to move. It hurt to stay in the same city where everything that I drove past reminded me of a different member with different family members. I came across a brochure about different apartments in Rio Rancho NM in my mail one day. I had never even thought of that state before, and I found it curious that I suddenly received it out of the blue. I sat down to thumb through it, and began thinking that moving would be a smart move.

I was close to my family. Everyone passed away due to old age. I had thought at times that it might feel odd to be the only one left because I was the youngest, but I never expected to feel so lonely. I had spent so much time with my family members, that I really didn’t have many friends. We were so close and had so many family events that there was no need to really meet other people. And because I was retired, I didn’t really have an opportunity to make work friends anymore. So, picking up and moving would not really be a big deal anymore. I wouldn’t be leaving anyone behind. I have a dog, and she’s my friend for now.

Once I got to New Mexico, I didn’t find myself having a tough time settling in. I liked that the people here really like to get outdoors. I fully believe that is brought about by how pretty the state is. People are often outside walking, biking and much more. I noticed immediately that I was drawn outside more than I ever was anywhere else. It’s nice. I feel more free. And I have even gotten to know some of my neighbors because of it.