Just Got a Little House in Ridgewood

Meg and I have been looking around for Home Furnishings and decor. We have bought a house and it has been decided that our stuff is not really worth moving for the better part. I have been waiting for the painter in Ridgewood NJ to find the time to come over and do the main room. It was going to be a family project, but Meg and I decided that the two of us were not very good at painting. The back rooms we did and we just were not all that happy with the results when we were finished. It was just not all that great. Of course the part of the house we painted is not going to be open to most visitors. So the people are not going to be able to see what a poor job we did on the bedrooms. We figure that it is not going to be all that expensive just to have the pros paint the living room and the dining room, along with the foyer and the hallways.

We are trying to figure out what we want to do with the bathrooms. That is the big problem with the house and probably the only reason we could get it. If it had been in better shape we would have difficulty coming up with the money to buy the place. The one bathroom is sort of okay and we could live with it, at least in the short term. The other one is a real problem, and it is going to be difficult to repair it. The floor has subsided a bit, or sunk a bit. We are not sure why, but the theory is that the room was flooded at some point and that some way or another weakened the floor.