Met This Girl the Other Day

I was down at the shops on White Street the other day and I met this girl. She was at the counter of the drug store and I was looking for something for a cold. At any rate we had to wait in line a long time and she was telling to to try this stuff called co q 10. Of course she swore that the stuff worked, but I could not find any of it there. At any rate she sent me down the street to some other shop and went along with me. It was a bit weird to put it mildly, but this girl was really sweet. Of course she was also quite attractive. To be honest if she had been less good looking I might not have been half as interested in listening to her advice. Of course there is not much wrong with me and I decided that I had to get the girl’s phone number.

Of course it the girl was not dense and she figured out what my game was pretty quickly. I was sort wondering if she was going to end up giving me some old phone number or seven random digits. Of course I called the number that she gave me the other day and she answered the phone. I am still trying to get her to go out with me, but I think this girl must go around helping random people all of the time. She seemed to have completely forgotten about meeting me and just barely seemed to remember being in that store. Of course I forget stuff all of the time, but it is not ever an attractive girl. So I figure that she probably just was not all that interested in me or going out with me.