My Parents Got Me Interested in My Favorite Hobby

Both of my parents were private pilots. Dad is the one who got mom interested in it. And they both got me interested in it as well. I could not wait to become old enough to get my private license so I could fly to, and I did just that as soon as I could. Now, I own two private planes. I am very knowledgeable about both, but I leave the repair work to the great pros who know what they’re doing. It’s great to know that ADS-B out there is around to help me find the right parts I need for my plane, too. It wasn’t always so easy to connect with the right businesses to get things fixed when my parents first began flying.

Dad and mom both grew up in farms that were located in the same area. My father’s father made quite a bit of money at what he did, and he had enough land that he even had a private airstrip on the farm! My grandfather allowed other people who fly to land on the airstrip, and then he would even allow the people to house their planes on his property. The cost to do that every month brought in a lot more money for grandpa. That was what got my dad interested in everything with flying. He used to love to watch the pilots fly in and out, and he was fascinated with the looking over the planes every chance he got.

Now that I have followed in my parents footsteps, I am the one that flies them around. Both of them are seniors in their eighties, and they prefer that someone else transports them where they need to do, instead of the other way around now. My mom was pretty impressed that I can find the parts that I need to keep my airplanes running smoothly thanks to the site that I found online.