My Trees Get Regular Care

I have a tree service in Nassau County come to my house on a regular basis and take care of my trees. I have close to three dozen on my property, and it is the best thing that I can do for them. Thankfully, most do not need any work when the tree service comes out, because that would get quite expensive if I had to have every single tree worked on. There are times though that one does need trimmed or another needs to be cut down a lot because of disease or insect damage to it.

There are a lot of reasons I use the tree service, but the main one is because I love nature. I felt blessed when I moved here and was able to just sit outside and feel like I am in the middle of the country, even though I only own a few acres right outside the busiest city in the world. It is my own little paradise, and I want to keep it looking as good as I can, which is why I have them come out on a regular basis.

There was one time I had to call them that was not a scheduled visit because I had some storm damage. Unfortunately, I did lose one of my trees then because it had too much damage to it. These guys know how much I love my trees though, and they made some suggestions on what they could replace it with. They showed me pictures of different trees and also told me how quickly each one would grow, and I decided to go ahead and have them plant a maple tree to replace it. That is why I use this same service over and over, because they give me the personal touch that matters!