They Did a Great Job with the Garage Floor

I searched online for a concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY due to a persistent problem with our garage floor. The house is, quite frankly, very old. The garage floor came with the house and I doubt it has ever been replaced. That means it has been out there aging for decades. I think the original contractors used shoddy construction materials because it’s been a crumbling mess since we moved in. It has numerous cracks, missing chunks, and just looks awful. When we recently decided to move, we knew we couldn’t even think about selling the house with this bad garage floor.

I thought about doing it myself, but that kind of job isn’t easy even if you know what you are doing. Also I’m pushing sixty and it’s just not something I want to spend months trying to figure out. So that is why I looked online for a contractor. I wanted someone with a sterling reputation for quality and trustworthiness. It is easy to hire bad people in the construction trades if you don’t do your homework. I spent a lot of time looking around and reading reviews before settling on a company that really seems to know their stuff.

They came out to appraise the situation and make an estimate. I was very pleased with their professionalism. They promised to start the job as soon as possible and only asked that we keep our cars out of the way for obvious reasons. I have to say it was quite a racket as they tore the old floor out, but I was astonished as how quickly they moved through the work. The old floor was out, the forms were set, and they were pouring before the end of the week. The whole thing was done in less than two weeks!