We Will Finally Have a Bedroom for Each Kid and a Spare for Visiting Relatives

I think it was all the extra amenities that finally sold my wife on the idea of moving to the PARC Life executive condos. They have a gym, rain spa, steam room and steam spa, kids bubble spa, tennis court, hydrotherapy spa, foot reflexology and so much more. You can see what they offer at www.parclife.net. That stuff that I mentioned does not even cover the actual condo itself. The condo has tile and laminate flooring with full trim, and the windows are aluminum with tinted glass. The wardrobes are built in and have sliding doors. Much nicer than the small closets we have here.

There are different floor plans available with up to five bedroom condos. The extras are super nice, but it was the five bedrooms that really got my wife’s attention. We have three children, and we have relatives who like to visit us a lot. And I mean a lot! We have been giving up our bed for parents and in-laws for a long time and sleeping on an air mattress in the living room. We have two children sharing a bedroom too. This is definitely going to be an upgrade to our living.

Five bedrooms probably sounds like a lot, but when you have three kids and regular visitors, it is more of a necessity than just a wanted feature for a new condo. This is the first place that we can afford that has five bedrooms and is actually brand new and very nice. We can hardly wait for our application to be approved and for the development to be finished. We are anxiously awaiting a date to move in. We will not waste a day making the move either. We have already begun the process of selling our place here, and it will be contingent upon our move-in date at PARC Life.