A Gorgeous Apartment for Our Family

My husband and I have two children, and we knew that moving to a new area for just a couple of years was going to be rough on them. There was a possibility that we would be able to stay longer, depending on his job, but he was guaranteed at least two years. The pay was just incredible to pass up, and we were also given a monthly living wage as part of his benefits package. We decided to look at apts in Cordova TN because until we knew if we were going to live in Cordova for good, we wanted to keep our options open.

We knew that it would be too time consuming to buy a house and then turn around and sell it if we did not stay in the area, so moving into an apartment at least for the short term was the best option for us. I knew that my husband and I would be okay, but we were concerned about the kids because they were in their early teens. Because of that, I wanted to find us the nicest apartment possible, which is exactly what I did.

The Charleston apartments are like none I have seen before. We were able to get a three bedroom apartment with a nice patio that the kids have grown to really love. The apartment itself is a lot nicer than the house we were living in before our move, and there are so many nice features for the community too. There is a playground area, a large pool, a volleyball court, a pond, a fitnesss center, a clubhouse and so much more. The kids were resistant at first, but they proved to be quite resilient. They are happy here now, and we are too. We are really hoping that this job lasts!