A New, Fresh Start at Home

I have always been a neat and tidy person. I believe that everything has a place and a purpose. I was taught at an early age that cleanliness is next to godliness. Unfortunately, I did not realize that my wife Jenny did not feel the same way. My wife is the total opposite of me. She is very messy at times. She claims that she is always in a rush with no time to clean. One day, I noticed that our house was cluttered and needed cleaning. I needed help with spring cleaning in Singapore.

Jenny has always been somewhat of a pack rat . She could never throw things away, no matter house useless they were. I did not notice her behavior during our early years of marriage. Unfortunately, over the years, her behavior became quite noticeable. She had many boxes of old papers and trinkets that were useless and outdated. Some of the stuff she had contained no sentimental value. It was just junk. Jenny wanted to get rid of some of the stuff, but she could not find the courage to do so.

Jenny continued to store things in our home. We had too much junk in our home. We could hardly move around the house. It was so bad that we could not park our cars in the garage. We finally had enough. We decided to hire a cleaning company to help us. After Jenny threw away the stuff she did not need, the cleaning crew came in and did their job. They cleaned the carpets with ease. They removed all the dust and mold from our home. The cleaners made or job a lot easier. They made our home look as good as new. We could actually park our cars in the garage again. I felt so relived. I was very pleased with the results.