Does Your House Need Hydro Jetting?

Everyone’s house gets a clog in the plumbing at some point, but how do you know what is the best way way to clear it? Everyone knows about snaking pipes, but that typically only removes a temporary blockage, like hair or tissue. If the blockage keeps recurring it may be from build up from debris, mineral scales, or grease. In these cases most professional plumbers would recommend hydro jetting. Hydro jetting in Passaic County NJ is a common way to non-invasively remove these built up clogs.

A plumber will first inspect your plumbing system to assess whether hydro jetting is the right solution. If it is, they will select a point in your plumbing to begin pumping high pressure water into your system to abrade the built up clog. As this process uses only water, it is safer on your pipes than caustic or acidic chemicals, and avoids simply pushing obstructions deeper into your pipes, as can happen with a plunger or snake.

Make sure you only hire professional plumbers for hydro jetting, and never attempt as a DIYer. If your pipes are damaged, from roots, poor repairs, or erosion, than hydro jetting could damage them further due to the high pressures. However, if your pipes are in good shape, as a professional plumber would ascertain, than hydro jetting is low-risk.

Finally, hydro jetting is environmentally friendly, as it uses no harsh chemicals such as are found in many drain cleaners and clog removers. It may not be the right solution in areas without abundant water supplies, such as in the desert southwest, as it utilizes a lot of water, but that’s not an issue in Passaic County. Here in NJ we also know the importance of keeping our wetlands and beaches healthy, for the health of our environment and economy.