Getting the Lowest Price for Everything

I was able to use Massive Infinity to create a great app. I like to save money whenever I go to the store. I’ll look at all of the latest sales papers and check up and down the aisles for deals and savings that I can use in the store. I’ll even clip coupons and take them with me. I thought it would be nice if I could have a way to find out what the lowest prices for a particular item are at any given point, and what stores carry the item at that price. I wrote my idea down and contacted the app development company to bring my idea into existence.

Although I only really intended for my app idea to benefit me initially, it has the power to benefit many others. Some people have lower incomes than I do, and they may not be able to get all of the items they need because of prices. If the app is on their phones, they can use it to find their desired needs at the lowest price, saving them money that can be put to other essentials. I really could have used something like this when I was a poor college student with barely any money, but smart phones weren’t really around back then like they are now, so I had to do all of that work manually.

The contents of the app are updated on a weekly basis so that they can match the latest sales papers and deals. I find myself looking for prices on foods that I would have never eaten otherwise. I had never tried eggplant before, and had no desire to, but since it was so cheap at one of the nearby stores, I bought one and cooked it on the stove. For a purple vegetable, it was pretty tasty.