Going on a Trip with Coworkers

All of the people at my workplace decided to go on a group vacation. Normally people want to get away from the people that they work with, but we all get along so well, that we didn’t mind taking a group vacation. We pitched some ideas about places to go, and decided to go to Singapore. We wanted to rent a bus and go all over Singapore while taking in the culture. Getting a bus charter was the easy part, as all it took was contacting a company, but figuring out where to go was the hard part, as none of us were familiar with the best places to see in Singapore.

We had to look at many online guides to see which were the best spots to visit while in Singapore. Every list that we looked at had some common spots, and some that were different, based on the preferences of the person who created the list. We essentially had to combine the lists to create one larger list that would allow us to see as much of the country as possible and please everyone who wanted to see a certain aspect of it. I was particularly interested in all of the food that would be there, especially any street food.

There was one thing that we were forgetting among all of the talk about the places to visit. We hadn’t thought about the flight there or where we would be staying. We had to book flights and hotel rooms or decide if we were going to be staying at a BnB type of setup. Even though we would have saved more money by doing the latter, we thought it was best to go with the hotels, because they were better in terms of offerings and came with service.