I Can Drink Milk Again

I am lactose intolerant, which used to be difficult for me because I love milk. However, when it makes me as sick as it does, it is easy to not want to drink any. That doesn’t mean I didn’t miss it though. When almond milk started becoming more popular, I ignored it at first because, well, it is milk. I did not know that it does not have lactose in it, which meant that I would be able to drink it. I did a search for almond milk nutrition and health benefits because I wanted to make sure that it was completely safe for me to drink.

I was not going to make a doctor’s appointment just to ask about almond milk when all the information I needed could be found online. I found a reputable website that has a lot of information on it about almond milk, and I got quite the education on it. I was surprised to see that it is easy to make this at home too, but I prefer to just buy mine at the store. I like that it has a nutty taste, which might seem obvious but I have tasted other almond products without really tasting the almonds at all.

I was mostly interested in the nutritional aspects of almond milk, so I was happy to see that it is packed with essential nutrients. The best thing for me is that each glass has two grams of protein, which is something that I definitely need. I also like that it has no saturated fats, since I am trying to lower my cholesterol levels. I liked everything that I read about almond milk, and I went out that same day and bought some. It is so delicious, and I am so excited that I can start my days again with a big glass of milk.