I Have Been Thinking About My Future

It is pretty obvious to me that I really do not like the normal aspects of a job. I am not out of school yet, but I have had a couple of summer jobs already. I do not mind working and I like the money, although I would prefer more of it. However there always seems to be some jerk yelling at me for no reason and I can not stand that. I have been thinking about how to earn money, enough to live comfortably and to not have that. Mobile application development or web page design are the two things that I have thought about that really seem like they might be practical, although I really do not know quite enough to be certain of how it might work in the real world. Right now I can build a web page, but it is not as though anyone would pay me to do what I am able to do. I would have to learn a lot more.

Making apps seems like the sort of thing that could really get huge in the future if not already, although it seems to me that you need more than one person to make anything that was really big. However there are lots of them which are very basic and even just silly. When you think about it there are basically billions of mobile phones in the world and probably nearly as many of them are smart phones. All of them use apps and just about every company in the world of any size is going to have their own app. An app for a huge restaurant chain is going to be a big deal and a huge project, but there are lots and lots of smaller businesses that would also want to make it easier for people to do business with them.