I Just Started My New Job in Charleston

I really got lucky, because I only got the job because I ran into an old friend from high school. I had not seen him since I left to go to Clemson and he left for Charleston Southern University about seven years ago. I was visiting my parents and I ran into him down at one of the local hangouts. Of course he was just passing through because he is on the road for his job. He gave me the tip on one of his clients, now I have to look for North Charleston SC apartments because it is a long way from where I have been living. In fact I drove down there and interviewed straight away, then I went back home and forgot about it for a couple of weeks. The first thing they said was to ask me how soon I could be there, as though it was some desperate situation.

As it turned out this was pretty much exactly what was going on. The guy I am replacing apparently did not leave on good terms and when he went out the door he tried to sabotage things so far as he was able to do so. It was a real mess and they were paralyzed by the things that he had done to their computer network. I suppose that they could charge him with some sort of crime, but they were embarrassed that they had allowed it to happen and they just wanted to be able to get things done again. So I was working for about thirteen hours straight until I broke back into the system and recovered all of the files. I really have to hand it to this guy, he may have been a jerk, but he really did a pretty good job of that.