I Learned That You Don’t Give Up when There Are Other Options Available

I felt ready to give up going to college altogether. I was doing great in some classes, okay in others, and horrible in one class. A fellow student recommended that I look into H2 Physics Tuition as soon as possible when I told him that I had failed that level two times, and I didn’t think that I would ever get a passing grade. He chuckled and said that he failed the class, but got outside help that helped him to pass the course. He told me it’s best to pay someone for help, which is a small cost to pay over quitting college for good and being stuck with no college degree at all.

I was really lucky in high school. All my classes there were a breeze. I even took advanced classes and still breezed through them. I remember that many of my classmates taking the same advanced courses were very smart, but some of them either struggled a tiny bit or at least had to work hard to get a decent grade. The great grades I got helped me to get into an amazing university. Then, I incorrectly assumed that I would pass everything with flying colors in college. What I realized is that I chose a college that is well known across the country, and they mean business when it comes to to the schoolwork offered there. I struggled from the very beginning.

I originally got help with some of my courses with the help of tutoring offered on my school campus. It helped with all of my courses except for physics. When I still struggled and failed the class two times, I felt hopeless. Though, when a fellow student told me about where he went to get help, I felt a little hopeful again. I’ve been taking the same tutoring classes he took, and it has helped me so much that I was finally able to pass my hardest class at school!