I Need to Get Bigger for Football

I talked to my Dad about this and we agreed that it would be better not to talk to my Mom right away, because we are going to need a new middle linebacker and the coach thinks that I should move from tight end to middle linebacker, if I can gain some weight. I need to be fast and big however. I talked to this place where they have a Denver sports performance coach who is supposed to help you get faster and more agile. Of course I am already pretty quick and faster than some people, but the key to this is pretty much between the ears. You have to study the opposing offense and then you have to be able to recognize what they are trying to do and react very quickly. When the play is going to go to the left you have to anticipate that, so that you can be there before the ball gets around the edge. Then you have to make the play and most of all you have to get up and do that again.

In truth we are probably going to be pretty bad next year, because we lost so many good players on both sides of the ball. The quarterback is gone and he is probably going to be replaced by a freshman if things go the way they look. Some people think we may get a transfer, obviously it would be a good idea if you were some place else where there was a quarterback in front of you and you wanted to play. At any rate we have a half dozen guys who are going to be playing college ball next year and there is not much that looks like it is going to be a great replacement for any of them.