I Needed Proof That I Paid

I had some work done at my house a few years ago, and it turned into a fiasco. The person I paid claimed that I still owed him money, even though I had documented everything that had transpired between the two of us. I realized that he was just conning me, which was a shame because he did amazing work. I refused to pay more, and he eventually left me alone. When I needed some work done last month, I knew that I was going to find an online check stub maker to make my records even better.

I hired a contractor who is extremely reputable this time around. I was given a price that was just too good to be true years ago, which apparently it was! This time, I didn’t try to save money by hiring an unknown handyman. I went with quality, and I understood the higher pay because of insurance, taxes and the dozens of other things that a licensed contractor must take care of on his own. Even with a reputable contractor, I was not going to leave myself vulnerable at all. I wanted proof, and having a pay stub seemed to be the perfect way to do that.

I was able to find a site that allowed me to print the pay stub I needed for a very low price. I was able to fill in all of the information that I needed, including details about the transaction. I then paid for it, and it was sitting in my inbox at my email address when I went there just a minute later. I felt so much better having something professional and legal when I paid my contractor. I have not had any problems with this one, and this is the way I will do it from now on to protect myself.