I Needed Some Answers About My Past

My mom used to visit a psychic when I was a little kid. I can remember her telling me that she was going to find out the truth about questions she had. I never got to go with her, but I know that she loved to go. Now that I’m an adult, I found myself wondering a number of different things about my father. I heard about one place that was supposed to be good, so I looked for Psychic Source reviews to find out if the place I had heard about was as good as people were saying. I wanted to know about my dad so that I could stop wondering and wishing that I knew more about him.

I never met my dad. He left my mom before he found out that she was even pregnant with me. This was back in the 60s when people were free spirits, and that’s exactly what type of person my mom was. She figured that if my dad was not interested in staying with her over the long term, that he didn’t need to know that she was pregnant with his child. She figured that would raise me on her own. However, as she grew older and wiser, she learned just how hard it was to raise a child as a single mother. She looked for my father because she also figured that he would want to know about me. But the problem was that it was too late, and he had died in a car accident.

I ended up calling to speak with a pyschic. I was a little nervous about it, but she put me at ease right away. She was able to answer questeions that I had held in my heart for so long. She even knew things about him that my mom said only she would know, too! It was a great phone call.