I Think I Found My New Condo

My grandfather agreed to help me out, although really he is going to maintain an ownership share in the place, which if all goes well is going to be a condo that was built by a place that is called New Futura. The thing that I love the best about it is that it is almost within walking distance of the office. In fact I could walk there and it would take me about twenty minutes. If I got a bike and rode it there, then that would probably take about ten minutes I would think. Of course I am probably going to take the bus and that is also going to take around ten minutes since there are a couple of stops that would keep you from getting there as quick as it could be done. There is a lot of traffic in the area, just like there is in almost any part of the island. At any rate there is almost no place that you would not have issues with the congestion here.

The building really fits my needs too, because there is a nice fitness center down below the lobby. That is the thing I really did not like about the place that I am living at this point in time, because you want to be able to work out and then go on about your business without having to make a special trip. I was running in the park because that was the best way that I could do it. The fitness center here is perfect though. I can come home and change into my work out gear, then go down to the place and get in whatever work I want to do. Then it is going to be really easy to get a shower and relax.