I Truly Enjoy Living Here

Even though I had heard good things about Parkway Square, I still wanted to look at their website and visit them in person before I made a decision on whether to move there or not. I have found that what one person may really like is something that I may not enjoy, so I preferred looking at every detail on my own and making up my own mind on how to proceed. I went to the website first, knowing that if I was not impressed, then I would not be wasting a trip in going there in person.

The website was really nice though, and I knew that if the actuality of the complex matched the impression they wanted to give on their website, then I would be quite happy living there. I made plans to go there the following day. I wanted to be there when someone would be there so I could take a tour of not only the grounds but of the different apartments that were available. I wanted to look at each one, knowing that I would be able to make a better decision if I was actually inside one of them.

I was able to do that the day I went, and I was impressed with every facet of my visit there. First, the grounds are immaculately kept. The staff was extremely nice and quite friendly too. They were able to answer all of my questions, and they were more than happy to show me a couple of the apartments that I was interested in. I liked everything so much that I ended up filling out the application right there in the office, and I made plans to move in not even two weeks later. I guess everyone was right about this apartment complex, because I truly enjoy living here.