I Wanted to Do Something Very Special for Two Special People

Growing up, my grandparents had the most beautiful furniture I had ever seen. They had come here from China before I was born. Because they came on a ship, they were able to bring over some of their furniture that had been given to them by their own parents. My grandparent’s home burned down while they were on vacation once year. All their beautiful furniture was gone forever. My heart broke for them. This year, I decided to find a Chinese antique online shop to see if I could find some things that would look somewhat like what my grandparents had that was taken by the fire. I was worried about whether it would upset them, but it turned out that it made them very happy.

My grandmother and grandfather left their home country in the 1980s. They had met each other when they were in their teens. They both worked very hard and they loved their parents. They never thought they would leave their own country, but they decided to after both sets of their parents passed away from old age. They could not bring many things with them, but they both prized the furniture that they had after their parents passed. They decided to bring the best pieces with them when they booked passage on a very large ship. Everyone and everything made it just fine on that ship. My grandparents took very good care of the furniture when they came here. They loved to show it off when I would come to visit.

After the fire occured, I remember seeing all of my family members so sad. Everyone knew how much that furniture meant to my grandma and grandpa. I felt helpless. But now that I’m in my 30s and bring home a good paycheck, I wanted to surprise them with some replacements. Obviously, it would not be coming from their elders, but I hoped that they would appreciate a gift of love from their granddaughter.