I Wanted to Have Big Muscles

I remember seeing ads in comic books when I was a kid for weaklings to get big, strong muscles. I guess advertisers figured only skinny kids read comic books! Anyway, I knew that I wanted to be the strong type when I got older, but I was not about to try something from a comic book ad. When I talked to my dad about it when I was a teen, he asked me how fast can you build muscle without hurting yourself. I know that there are some guys who don’t go about building muscles the safe way, and I vowed to him to not be one of those.

I knew that there were different factors for guys who want to have big muscles. First off, it is going to be hard for anyone who is overweight to build muscle. Even a woefully underweight guy will be able build muscle a lot faster. Thankfully, I did not have either problem. I also knew that it was going to take dedication, which is something that I have never had a problem with. If I see something that I want, I have no problem going after it hard.

I knew that I was going to have to work out hard and consistently. I wasn’t sure how often I needed to work out though. I was able to get all of the information I needed online. I read where if I worked out with weights at least five days a week for an hour minimum, that it would still take me half a year to get where I want to be. I also was able to read about the right kind of supplements that I needed to take to help my muscles heal, which would make them grow bigger and faster. Education is key in anything, and learning about the development of muscles played a huge role in how I look today.