It’s Really a Small World

There are some people that I just can’t stand, and one of them was my former roommate. He was one of the nastiest people that I have ever met. He would clip his toe nails right in the middle of the kitchen. He would drink out of the juice carton and put it right back in the refrigerator. He would even pick his nose and eat the boogers. His room was also an absolute mess. I moved away from him and into an apartment in Cordova TN, where I didn’t have to worry about any of this gross behavior.

It’s funny how small of a world that we actually live in. After I moved into the new apartment, I ran into my neighbor who lives directly across the hall. She’s a young woman close to my age. When she introduced herself, she told me her last name, and I realized something. Her last name was the same as the guy who used to be my roommate in the old apartment. I asked her if she knew my former roommate, and she said that he was her cousin. At that moment, alarm bells started going off in my head, because I thought that instead of a slob for a roommate, I would have a slob for a neighbor.

Before I even expressed my discomfort, the woman knew exactly what I was thinking. She assured me that she wasn’t as messy as her cousin, and even invited me into her apartment. Her apartment was as clean as something out of a television show. The woman told me that while her cousin and his parents are more like dirty pack rats, her parents are neat freaks and she inherited their traits. I’d rather be living next to someone who cleans too much, rather than someone who is nasty beyond belief.