Keeping the Memories of an Old Bird Alive

A friend of mine owned a canary as a pet for 5 years. A few weeks ago, the canary died and she was devastated. I thought she would have gone to the pet store to get a new canary, like most people do when they lose a pet, but she was too sad to think about raising another pet. I think she gained a fear of losing her pets. I came up with a brilliant idea to make my friend feel better. Her canary used to sing all the time, so I bought a canary songs CD that my friend could listen to when she started to think about the canary that died.

My friend enjoyed the canary CD so much that she would listen to it in the car. She even made one of the songs from the CD into a ring tone for her phone. I was getting tired of hearing the songs, but she could listen to them for hours without a break. After a while, she was ready to get another canary from the pet store again. I suggested that maybe she should get a different pet this time for variety, but she only had eyes for canaries.

She came back from the pet store with a new canary, but it couldn’t sing. The canary only made slight chirping sounds that had no kind of melody to them. I told my friend to play the CD for the canary as a way for it to learn how to sing. After a few days, the canary could sing one of the songs from the CD almost exactly like the bird that was used to record it. If you recorded the canary and played the audio right alongside the CD song, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two.