Living in the Tiny Home

After seeing a television program about tiny houses, my wife and I decided that it was time to downsize. We had so much space that we didn’t need and thought it would be a great idea to get a tiny home that we could move anywhere. We sold our home and hired a company that would do the post tenancy cleaning in Singapore. They were surprised to hear that we would be selling our home and moving into a tiny home. After taking one last look at our former spotless home, we moved into the new tiny house and never looked back.

When other people see our new home, they think it’s a little cramped, but we think it’s perfect. The cleaning company would probably enjoy our new home more than our old one because of how much less space there is to clean. All we really have to do is vacuum the floor, scrub the bathroom, and dust what little we have. The house consists of a kitchen, a living room that doubles as the bedroom, and a bathroom. We have a futon that unfolds for us to sleep on, and we sit on it when we want to watch television in the living room or eat food. The kitchen is quite a marvel because it has room for a stove, fridge, and a sink, with some cupboard space, but nothing too crazy.

It’s sometimes difficult to convince people to come inside the home because they don’t like being in tight spaces. When we cook food, sometimes the odor can be a bit strong, so we grill outside when we’re going to cook something that will have a lasting aroma, such as fish. Even though we love the home so much, I don’t think other people would want to live in one.