Looking at an Abandoned House

Obviously most of the time when you see an abandoned house, there is a lot more than just a letting fixing that needs to be done. However in this case it seems like the problems are mostly superficial. I shall have to find some guy who does pest control in NYC for starters, because it is really obvious that the rodents have been around there. There is a big construction site down the block and any time you have that, then they are going to disturb all of the local rodents and spread them out all over the place. Of course there are lots and lots of rats in this city, enough to keep vast numbers of exterminators busy. I have been trying to figure out how they are getting in, but that is not really that easy. A rodent can squeeze through tiny openings that a person would hardly ever notice. I think that a mouse can get through a quart of an inch wide gap, so you just have to go around looking to put expanding foam into any small opening.

The house itself has a few problems, but nothing that I do not have the ability to fix on my own. It looks really bad and that is to my advantage. Obviously the worse that it looks, the more daunting the task would seem to the uninitiated and the less likely many people would be to take on the chores involved in the job. However it is a big deal to get this good of a price and so I am playing hardball. In fact I can only take it on if I have the money left over to do the stuff that needs to be done, and for the immediate future the place is not fit for habitation.