Moving to a Really Nice Condo

When I first heard about Boulevard 88, I was not sure if I wanted to try and get one of the units there. I knew that it could possibly be a longshot because there just are not a lot of available units there to live in. It is comprised of two towers of residential condos and then the rest if a hotel. It is in a prime location, which is the main reason why I was even considering it. I figured I had nothing to lose so I went ahead and filled out the appropriate paperwork to see if I could make this dream a reality.

While I waited for a reply, I did something I promised myself I would not do. I decided to look at the details surrounding Boulevard 88. The only reason I was not going to do this was because I did not want to see what I would be missing out on if I was not selected for one of the condos. I am actually glad I did look though because I was chosen to be one of the lucky few who can call this place home in the near future.

The luxurious condo is perfect for someone like me. Even though I am not married and have no kids, I still wanted to have at least a three bedroom unit. I wanted one for myself, one for a guest room and one for an office. I figured if I do get married down the road, then I will already have a nice home for a growing family since I would not want more than two kids anyway. I was able to look at pictures of Boulevard 88, and my breath was just taken away with each one. It is hard to believe I am going to live there soon!