New Futura is the Best for Families

There is not a single thing about New Futura that I do not like. This new condo development is in a prestigious area of District 9, and my company is located just a short walk or a quick ride away. It has only 124 condos housed in two towers there, so it is also very limited, as far as housing goes anyway. It is not limited in the scenery or the features that are available to anyone living at New Futura. Another reason why I like it so much is because of my three children.

They are all very young with the oldest only being eight years old. One of the top priorities for me for where we live is the educational facilities around it. I don’t want my children going to a mediocre school, and they will not when we live at this condo site. There are so many quality schools in the immediate area that we are going to have to decide which one is the best of the best to send them to, and I consider that a very good problem to have. There are also plenty of things for the kids to do at the condo as well.

We are going to have one of the penthouse units because there are five bedrooms. While we only need four, I want to have the fifth option right now for a guest room, and who knows if we will have another child in the next year or so. It is best to be prepared! There are plenty of community features that we can all enjoy too. There is an outdoor playground for the kids, swimming pools for all of us, fitness center for my wife and myself, and so much more. Like I said, there is not anything about this place that I do not like!