Ready to Finally Start over Again

I lived in the state of Washington for nearly a decade when I got an offer at a firm in the area where I grew up. I had followed my ex to the west coast, but the last I heard, she had three kids to the man she married just a year after we moved here. I had a great job, and it was all that kept me in the area. The offer to go back home though was strong. On a whim, I looked up Towson luxury apartments online to see if there were any nice complexes.

I had been back home a few times to visit with my family, but they usually ended up coming out to see me so those trips were few and far between. When I came across the Rodgers Forge apartments, I felt that it was meant to be because this complex is less than three miles from where a company was waiting to hear if I was going to join them or not. It took me only a few days to decide, and everything moved so quickly after that. I was able to fly to Towson to sign some papers as well as look at the apartment complex in person.

I really liked everything about it from the beginning. The location was perfect not only to my job but also to the house I had grown up in and where my parents still live. My sister and her family live only a few more minutes away. The apartment itself is great, and there is not a single thing that i need that is not offered there as far as amenities are concerned. Life threw me a huge curve ball, but I am finally ready to start living again. Having a great job and an amazing apartment really does help with that a lot too!