Sure Healed Up My Back Issue

I work in a meat warehouse and found myself in need of a chiropractor in Campbell CA recently when I was hit in the back with a fifty pound box of ground beef. The guys here work fast to get the boxes moving around the warehouse as well as loaded on to trucks, and a lot of that works involves tossing the boxes to another guy in order to keep the flow going. While it sounds odd that someone would toss a fifty pound box of meat, it actually happens all the time. We’re pretty strong guys in this place.

Inevitably injuries occur. We all wear steel toe boots because dropping meat on your feet happens a lot. The other injury is back problems, either from using the wrong form when picking up boxes or being hit with an airborne box. That’s what happened to me. I was working in the flow and someone called out my name. I stupidly turned my head to see who it was and the next thing I know I’m on the floor in excruciating pain. The guy who tossed the box wasn’t checking to see if I was paying attention. He felt bad but the damage was done.

The company sends the back injuries to the chiropractor so off I went to discover how much trouble I was in. Walking into the office was a chore let me tell you. The chiropractor examined my back and said some adjustments and stretches would probably do the trick. I wasn’t optimistic about it seeing as how much pain I was in, but I also wanted the pain to go away right quickly. He pulled and pushed and surprisingly none of these movements hurt. In fact, the pain greatly diminished. I took a couple of days off and went back as right as rain!