Sweet Gum Removal in Asheville NC

A few years ago, I moved to Asheville, NC, because it has a cooler climate, and I really have always liked the city. I got to know it, when I went to college at UNC Asheville. Those were some of the best years of my life, and I miss them. Anyway, instead of drawing this out much more, I am going to go ahead and say that I am looking for tree service in asheville nc. That is the reason why I started to write this blog entry, and I almost strayed from the point entirely. I guess that I have a tendency to get off topic from time to time, and it is something that I should work on in the future.

The reason that i need to hire a tree service company, is that I bought a house that has a lot of what I consider to be “pest trees” in the yard. I did not really realize it, when I bought the house, because I was more focused on the house, than the property that came with it. But there are a great number of sweet gum trees around my house, and they make such a mess. I have always disliked that type of tree, because they drop spiked balls all over the yard, once a year.

I also do not like how the trees look. Maybe it is because I have grown up in a part of the country where they are fairly ubiquitous. I did some research on them, and I read that they are actually used as a ornamental trees in some places. That makes no sense to me, and I kind of thought it was a joke, when I first read about it. I would like to get as many of these trees cut down as I can afford.