The Factory Now Makes Sanitizer

About a month has passed since I used one of the corporate secretarial services in Singapore to hire a new secretary, and she’s done a great job. Even with all of the problems related to the virus that spread around the world, she’s still been able to help out my company a great deal. The company that I run is one that makes alcoholic beverages. We had a pretty good sales run at the beginning of the year, but when the virus hit, things slowed down a bit. To take advantage of the situation, we decided to shift to making hand sanitizer for people to use to disinfect their hands.

The shift happened in a couple of steps. First we had to get the formula for the sanitizer, and then we had to make the changes in the factory so production could start. It wasn’t that hard to move everything over, and the workers in the factory were glad that they had something to do that would allow them to keep making money. Many people have been hit hard by the outbreak and haven’t been able to do their jobs because they’ve had to go home. Some have been able to work from home, but not everyone has that luxury. The secretary has been handling all of the requests for the sanitizer from the people that want it.

There are a lot of orders for the hand sanitizer that come in all day long. People really can’t get enough of it, because they want to ensure that their hands are going to be clean. This is especially true for those who work in the health care field. These people are around germs all day and want to make sure that they don’t spread it around. Even though some places are talking about loosening public restrictions, I think our secretary will still be handling a lot of orders for a while.