The Family Business is Safe

One virtue that my family has always had was ingenuity. We did not waste anything. My father could find ten uses for things that most people would discard after one use. My mother used to tease my father for being a pack rat. My family was not poor, but we were very thrift. My parents taught me at an early age the importance of a dollar. They used to ask us, how much is scrap metal worth? It is worth a fortune. It actually made my father rich.

When I was younger, my father owned a junkyard. He would always find valuables in things that other people threw away. Some of them were actually antiques that were actually worth some money. One thing that my father liked to collect was scrap metals. Copper and aluminum were the most valuable scrap metals at the time. When people wanted to get rid of their old metal. My father made a lot of money collecting scrap metal. His business practically grew overnight. He made a complete fortune from his hard work.

When I got older, my brother and I joined the family business. We handled the daily operations. We drove around town to find scraps that people did not want. Our loyal customers were so pleased with our work, that they spread the world about our business. Soon, other larger companies began to ask for our services. We built a successful brand around our family name. My father was very pleased at the way we performed with the company. When my father got older, he retired. He decided that we wre ready to take over the company. We were so happy to do so.

Today, my company is still going strong. We are very successful. I was able to start another scrapyard business in two other cities. Business is booming.