The Perfect Condo for Our Family

When my wife and I decided to look at New Futura in Singapore, we already knew that we were only going to move there if they had a really nice floor plan for the condo we would get. We only have two children, but we wanted a four bedroom unit because my wife’s mother lives with us too. There was no question that she would go with us when we moved. She had been living with us just for a year at this time in what was supposed to be a temporary situation. However, we quickly discovered that having her with us was great for all five of us.

She loves being with her granddaughters, and she has started taking care of all of us in her own way. She loves to cook, which frees up so much time for my wife since she has had to turn down projects in the past because of taking care of the kids and the house. The kitchen is the first thing her mother looked at, and she actually squealed when she saw the gourmet kitchen. That was her main priority, but mine was something different.

Though she is quite happy with being with us, I still wanted to ensure that she would have privacy. That is why I was thrilled when I saw the layout for one of the four bedroom condos. It is shaped like a U, and she would have one of the larger bedrooms at one end along with a private bath. At the other end of the U is her other domain, the kitchen. There are plenty of things for all of us to do here too. She meets with other women her age several times a week to talk and play games, the kids love the swimming pool and park, and my wife and I are just enjoying everything.