The Perfect Place to Live in Arizona

My husband and I were excited about moving to Arizona because the majority of our family lives there. We wanted to make it a quick move too because it was already the middle of summer, and we wanted to get our six year old son enrolled in school before the new year started. I looked at three bedroom apartments in Scottsdale even though it is just the three of us, because we definitely wanted to have a guest bedroom available since we knew we would have overnight company a good bit.

As soon as I saw the Dakota floor plan for The Stetson apartments, I knew it was the one we wanted. My husband really liked everything he saw with it too, especially the fact that we will have a den with this apartment. The layout really is gorgeous, and it is perfect for our needs. The master bedroom has a small balcony, and there is a huge bathroom. The walk in closet is in the bathroom, and it is actually almost too big for us! I have no doubts that I will be able to fill it up though!

Our son’s room is at the other end, and he has his own bathroom too. While that might not mean much to him now, it will in a few years! Next to his room is the guest room, which is actually really big too. We have put a queen size bed in there along with a small dresser, but that still left over half the room. We have set the rest up as a play area for our son. There is a bigger balcony off the living room, plus a third bathroom off of it as well. There is so much room here, and it is perfect for us. Coming back home is the best decision ever for us.