Then and Now of My Fishing Memories

About 45 years ago I would take an old cane pole down to the creek and fish. I did not bring much in the way of extra tackle. The bait I used would be worms I dug up out in the garden just before going fishing, or it might be some dough ball my mom or dad would help me make. I liked using stinky baits such as pieces of liver for catching catfish. I would haul up some monsters out of the fishing holes that I wish I had some fishing scales to weigh them with back then. I remember one carp that was so big it was scary looking. Of course, I was only about 10 when I caught it.

I see these shows on TV now about noodling for fish. I used to do that for carp in the summer when the water was shallow and the fish were on the move. I would fish some small lakes for bass where the water was so clear you could pick the fish you wanted to catch. I would look into the water and just drop the line in front of the fish I wanted. Since the area was not overfished, the bass would bite. They were not very wary back then. I have no idea how many bluegill and rainbow trout I have caught over the years. I also remember trips to upstate New York for salmon fishing in the fall.

I entered a fishing competition a few months ago at a local reservoir. It provides water for the water company that treats it and turns it into drinking water. It is a nice spot to fish. They had trailers and RVs from manufacturers of fishing equipment. There were lots of freebies available that day. There was a canopy set up with a table and computerized fishing scales. They would measure and weigh your catch. The biggest of each species caught won a prize. The heaviest fish won the grand prize. It was fun, and I want to enter more.