Tindall Park is the Best Apartment Complex

Even though I don’t spend a lot of time in the apartment I am in now, I knew that I still wanted to look only at South Charlotte NC luxury apartments when I got word that I was in the running for a promotion that would permanently take me there. I am a social butterfly, and I enjoy spending time with the people who live around me. However, I do spend some time in my apartment, so I wanted to make sure my next one is going to be just as nice as the one I am in now.

When I was on the website for Tindall Park Apartment Homes, I knew that I found where I wanted to be. Even though I live by myself, I still wanted to look at a two bedroom unit. My parents live in New Hampshire, and I knew that they would continue to come down to visit at least a few times a year. I wanted them to have their own bedroom and bathroom there, plus it would come in handy for any other overnight guests. I am also someone who loves a lot of space, because I live in a studio apartment for nearly three years after college.

Being crammed in a 500 square foot apartment tends to make someone want something bigger moving forward. When I saw that the two bedroom unit I was looking at was over three times the size of my first studio, I was actually giddy. There are the two bedrooms and two baths, but there is also so much more. There is a private office, a huge laundry room, a veranda that is perfect, and a huge walk in closet that will definitely have me shopping some more. It really is the best apartment ever, and I cannot wait to move there.