Trying to Find a New Place

It was really just a coincidence that I ran into this guy that I had gone to college with. In fact he was a really good friend of my first roommate and we used to hang out all of the time. He knew that I had been a good roommate and that was why he was so excited to see me. At first it seemed really odd, but after he started to explain I figured out that he wanted me to move in and replace the guy he had been sharing an apartment with. This is the website for the place. I shrugged and told him that I was relatively happy where I was, although like anyone else I sort of thought that my rent was too high. I do not think I ever met anyone who complained that their rent was too low and I doubt that you have either. In fact I said I was relatively happy, but I did not say that I was thrilled either.

I went along and went with him to see his place. The location was obviously superior to the one where I live right now and this was a luxury hotel complex. In theory I could not really care too much about that, because I am about the bottom line. At the same time I am not against it and it turned out that it would save me money. It would be less because I would be splitting the cost of the rent with this guy. Now of course the pool was the thing that really got my attention. It was obviously supposed to impress me and it did. There was a big screen TV and this huge patio, which is where they have regular parties from what he tells me. I am going to try to figure out how hard it would be to get out of my lease.