We Just Started a New Project

I have been working on the project with my boss for some time. My job is to do the scouting and to find the place where we can conduct the project. It has to be near the city of Sydney, but we are looking for land which is relatively cheap so it has to be out in the outlying area. Right now we have a drilling company looking for ground water at the site which best fits our needs. It is not very far from the city and it is near the motor way. We have to have a good deal of water and the right to use it however. That is not the same thing as just finding out there is water under the ground, because the government of course has a vital interest in making sure that no water is wasted. So you have to convince them that you are going to use the water efficiently in some way which is going to benefit the greater good.

So far it is looking good, but this is going to be something which is going to take about a year and a half to complete. That is if all goes the way that we hope that it goes as we intend for it to go. Obviously there are half a million things which can go wrong and a lot of them are going to happen. It is just the nature of things when you get involved in a really complicated project. The chances are that you are going to have a number things go the way that you hope, but there are going to be plenty of things which do not go as you hope. People are going to be the cause of a huge number of the problems which occur.