West Las Vegas is Great

When I found a website that promised safe living in Las Vegas, in a good part of town, I jumped at the chance. I’d been living not far off the strip, largely due to my job at one of the older casinos, and it’s really not the part of town anyone would want to live in. I love Las Vegas and have lived here for years, but it’s got some really sketchy areas that are best avoided. I know that is true of almost any big city, but this is Vegas. This is a town that draws a lot of oddball people.

When I finally got bumped to one of the table games and started making really good tips as the economy started to pick up, I knew I didn’t need to live near here anymore. I started looking online for a place in West Las Vegas because I knew a few co-workers who lived out there and they loved it. Get away from the crime and sketchy areas they said! I narrowed down my options quickly because I wanted to move fast. I found a place that is absolutely beautiful and they even allow pets!

My old place didn’t allow pets, and would often accuse me of having a pet when I didn’t. I wanted to get a dog, so the place I found seemed like a good deal. I drove over on a day off and took a tour of the floor plans. All I can say is they’re nicer than anything I’ve lived in since I’ve been here. The people seemed great too and were willing to work with me on a few problems I had with the rental contract. I’m making the move on my next day off and can’t wait to settle in and then finally go get a dog!