Why I Went to See a Personal Injury Attorney in Sacramento

People can do dumb things that result in other people getting hurt really bad. There are all kinds of stories. Maybe it was a construction company that took shortcuts to save money, but someone got seriously injured when their shortcuts ended up causing harm. Maybe it was bad parts or assembly problems such as how those air bags that are supposed to save lives have been implemented now in causing death and serious injuries. We went to see a personal injury attorney in Sacramento after I got hurt at work.

I had been repeatedly advocating for new safety equipment at work. Our safety manager was under pressure to keep things on a budget, and I believe he let equipment go too long before replacing it. I believe this is what lead to a a fall accident. A safety harness that should have been retired a long time ago was still in service. It had arrested more than one fall while on the job. I believe that the stress of it stopping falls had caused stress on the webbing and stitching and buckles that lead to its failure that cause me to get hurt.

We have a much more strict policy in replacing any fall protection ropes we use. I think it should be applied to the harnesses and the webbing straps we use to stop falls too. Ropes are taken out of safety service when they arrest a fall of a person or an object. The stretching of a rope in a fall can cause internal fatigue that can lead to failure. Harnesses we use are inspected daily, but there was no clear cut time to take them out of service. It was too subjective based on the inspector. I had asked for a new harness at least six times and had been denied all six times.